By decreasing birthrate and aging, youth population in local communities in Japan is going down and their sustainability is at a risk.
Nonetheless, we see some local governments trying hard to survive by promoting their food/sightseeing businesses and by attracting youth so that they move in.

We KIBO, by leveraging food business, are seeking for and promoting sustainable ways of local communities.

We don’t aim at one-shot results but by establishing an evolving system, we aim at running sustainable businesses.

Our mission is to accelerate food professionals’ driving force as food business PMO.

When we support food producers from recipe development perspective, we don’t simply provide them with a recipe but also with marketing/promotion tactics and system so that they could
keep on growing their business on their own.

KIBO supports growing business by walking hand-in-hand with local communities.



011. Professionalism in Food Business
We assign professionals such as chefs, varistors, sommeliers, product designers, buyers & nutritionists that are providing active services today.
02 2. Project Management Capabilities
Our PMP holders manage projects to secure on-time delivery of results with expected quality, which is critical to our clients’ satisfaction.
03 3. “Can x Will” -based Assignment
Even our professionals cannot be 100% motivated in all fields.

We assign them by considering what they “can” do and what they “will” do.
 That way, the performance of our team would be maximized for delivering beyond your expectation.
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